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Mergers &


US China Partner’s experienced cross-Pacific team provides a valuable reservoir of exceptional corporate operations experience and know-how, capital market and venture capital experience as well as breadth and depth of technology knowledge. These advantages, complemented by our New York presence and relationships, enable us to identify the most appropriate combination of partnerships and alliances as well as people and technology for many U.S. public companies and China companies.

Current market situation has created a rare anomaly of more than 250 U.S. public companies with more cash on hand than their market cap. Their CEOs are all looking for ways to increase the value of their respective shareholders and haven’t been successful through conventional means.

We are the leading consultant firm for US-China business developement

Our deep understanding of what makes doing business so different in Mainland China – the unique and fast-changing environmental and business challenges facing companies, and their very different corporate cultures and management mindsets – stems from our long operating experiences in China and deep local presence and connections.



Growth & expansion

China is currently one of the few economic bright spots in the world. Many companies have reported profitability with accelerated growth rates and are poised for major expansion. Investors (both private and government) behind these companies are seeking liquidity events for their investments as venture capital and revisions to IPO rules and regulations are being adopted.

Understandably, within the next 18 to 24 months, the better regulated mechanism and procedures of a gradually maturing capital market in China will make cross-Pacific mergers and acquisitions less lucrative than what the current climate offers. Opportunities in China are here and now.

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